Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Now Offering both On-Site & In-Store Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning!

Clean blinds are a top priority on your deep clean house checklist. Choose from our basic blind cleaning service or our ultrasonic blind cleaning service. You can call our office, and we will help answer questions to determine what service will give you the best results.

We clean blinds of all types including faux wood, aluminum, vinyl verticals, pleated shades, cellular shades, and silhouettes. Our ultrasonic blind cleaning is performed onsite in our state of the art Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning System.

The ultrasonic cleaning process not only cleans your blinds, strings, and wands; it lubricates the inner mechanisms so your blinds will look and work better than ever! This process also destroys bacteria and other allergens that contribute to many health issues along with repelling dust because it reduces the static electricity in the material.

Dirty Blinds?

Let the PROs at Sunshine Clean Your Blinds!

We can clean and remove dust, pollen, bacteria, smoke and mold.

30% Off on drop-off cleaning service!